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Head's up everyone! We are moving our studio this year. At this time, we've paused the process of becoming registered as a residential kitchen. We were really close, and will absolutely finish up permitting in our new space, hopefully for next season! We're still making our health tonic, but just for friends and family for now. If you're waiting for sales, you'll have to wait a bit longer. 


Burning Day Health Tonic

New England has a rich history of apple cider vinegar tonics and rural home remedies. A well trained herbalist, the matriarch of our family has been spoon feeding us her “health tonic” for years. Our family recipe is HOT, and it can burn through hiccups, belly aches, sore throats, stuffy noses, heartburn and more! So many friends and family members have asked for their own bottle, that before long we were making enough to share. Try Burning Day Health Tonic- it will light you up!



We hand select each ingredient, and are huge believers in local organic foods. It’s great to hunt for the best ingredients we can find, and that search is half of the fun. We’ll feature our exciting finds on our home page. Here’s what we use in a batch. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw with Mother)

  • Raw Local Honey

  • Homegrown Horseradish

  • Heirloom Garlic

  • Ginger

  • Organic Onion

  • Jalapeno Pepper

  • Organic Habanero Pepper


Where do we get our ingredients? 

Both of us come from farming backgrounds, and while we grow our own horseradish, we  usually choose ingredients that were grown as close to us as possible. If we’re not at a Berkshires area Farmers’ Market picking out ingredients, we hit up these awesome marketplaces. 

Berkshire Organics is a totally kickin’ organic food market located in Dalton Mass. They sell (and deliver!) fresh local and organic produce. It’s a must for lovers of healthy delicious foods. They’ve recently teamed up with a few other local food businesses to create one of the best organic markets around.

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, with a few spots in the Berkshires, is a locally owned market that has been featuring great produce since 1979. If we're looking for ingredients locally, we check in at Guido’s.  

Know what's awesome? The Bennington Garlic Festival, in Bennington Vermont. It's always a fantastic source of garlic. So many types of garlic to choose from… Brain Aneurism!



What is Fire Cider?

What is Fire Cider?

You may have heard of similar health tonics called Fire Cider. The matriarch of our family is a trained herbalist and has been making similar tonics for years. Until recently, the term fire cider was a generic term used for apple cider vinegar tonics, just like ours- a rich tradition in the Northeast that is most often credited to Rosemary Gladstar, an herbalist of over 35 years.

The term was recently trademarked by Shire City Herbals, a company based pretty close to us in Pittsfield Massachusetts. The successful trademarking of the term Fire Cider has started a pretty sizable uprising in the herbal community. (probably the biggest one ever actually)  Free Fire Cider is the home of this movement. With lawsuits already flying, (yes really) we are absolutely steering clear of the term “fire cider”, and are calling ours a health tonic. This is just a hobby, and i’m not looking for a law suit. 

That said, Shire City Herbals makes good products. I have bought more than a few bottles of their fire cider over the years because it makes me feel better, and our clan was out of health tonic. I appreciate what they’ve done for the public’s awareness of fire cider, but have incredible empathy for indie herbalists out there getting slapped with lawsuits that threaten to crush their careers, incomes and businesses. 

That’s why we don’t make Fire Cider. We make a health tonic.


Health Links

Our health tonic is made with an apple cider vinegar base. If you have special concerns, you should definitely do some research before adding extra vinegars to your diet. Remember that Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t a cure-all miracle, even if it is delicious. I limit it to a spoon or two a day tops. These links are just a start to the research you should do before adding ACV or anything else to your diet for health reasons. 


What are the

benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?


Web MD on Apple Cider Vinegar

Authority Nutrition- Six proven benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, discusses proteins, enzymes, probiotics and lots more. Make sure to check the “side effects, dosage, and how to use it” section. 

Reader’s Digest- 13+ Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar- hiccups, belly aches, sore throats, cramps, stuffy noses, and more. 

Bragg’s- Braggs is one of the leading makers of apple cider vinegar. While I find their religious affiliation to be a bit strange (that’s why we don’t use their brand), Bragg’s site has lots of information about ACV’s health benefits. 

      Health Concerns

Tooth Enamel- Vinegar is acidic, and could affect your teeth, especially the enamel. Younger folks may have even more trouble with this than adults. I like to rinse with water, because I love my teeth. If you have trouble with tooth enamel, you may want to steer clear. Don’t mess around with your teeth. Healthline tells about the benefits, but also has a great warning section at the bottom of their page. To sum it up, rinse with water and remember moderation. 

Diabetic? Research is positive, but you need to know that apple cider vinegar affects your blood sugar. discusses. Don’t stop your regular blood sugar management practices. Seriously.

Peashealth does a good job summarizing the health concerns you should think about when considering adding ACV to your diet. 


Remember when Burning Day was just a fire tonic blog? Here are a few posts we just couldn't delete when we became an LLC company. 


We used about ten pounds of local raw honey in our last batch.

That’s two of these!

Ever tried Billy C’s Honey?

We don't make our own ACV these days. It is pretty unpredictable, and makes the product a bit more difficult to register in a residential kitchen.

We don't make our own ACV these days. It is pretty unpredictable, and makes the product a bit more difficult to register in a residential kitchen.